About Hidvi Group

We are creative, happy people in the photography and marketing industry. Based in the Swedish west coast town Varberg.

After more than 15 years in the photography industry, we feel confident to take on projects as a small but efficient production company. We can offer the services that may be in demand in the industry. Digital marketing on social media, graphic production or film to content marketing and so on.


Photoshoots and projects abroad

We also offer our services in commercial and fashion photography abroad. Every year we work abroad during the months of January, February and March. In recent years we have worked and stayed in Mexico 2018, Mauritius 2019 and  Puerto Rico, USA 2020. Fuertoventura 2021.

We are a small and efficient team on site (2 photographers) all the time and work with local models, make up artists and the expertise we need to create the result we are after. Since we are on site throughout the hole Q1, we can offer brands our services in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way and also at a good price level.

We handle the entire production of various campaigns and summer collections to different big Swedish companies and brands. We have all the necessary contacts at model agencies.


Content management –  Social Media

Imagine if you have the same business partner who take the images, makes the film, the GIF´s and every AD your business will need, digital or print.

That’s us: Our team at Hidvi offer to help your business with all your media content. The strategy and the daily work. We manage several of our business partners social media accounts and we post all the content.


Hidvi Models

In our modelagency we offer models mostly on the west coast of Sweden but also abroad. These models are ideally suited to various commercial productions or to corporate productions for companies and municipalities.

Visit our agency homepage where you can see our models.